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Abraham and sarah beverages nigeria limited, RC 304563 was incorporated in 1996 and actual manufacturing / production business started in July 2008. The name has been changed from O and T Nigeria limited to Abraham and Sarah Beverages Nigeria Limited in January 2012.

  1. The main business activity is manufacturing of Table Water and Concentrates ; Blackcurrant, Orange,Pineapple and Lemon Lime.
  2. Product Description; Good Time Premium Table Water and Good Time Flavoured Drink ; Good Time is a registered trademark in class 32, exist in four flavours ; Blackcurrant , Orange , Pineapple and Lemon Lime. The product exist in two forms in terms of usage,
  • Dilute to Taste; dilute with water to taste in the ratio, one goodtime concentrate to four portion of water. This category of drink is available in three sizes ; 1 litre , 3litres and 25 litres .
  • Ready to drink; as the name implies, it is ready to drink without any form of dilution. It is available in two sizes ; 35cl and 50cl

The Good Time Premium Table Water exist only in 75cl pet Bottle , And 50cl Pet Bottle.


Pastor Eric Gbigbi – Jackson

Pastor Eric Gbigbi – Jackson

Technical Director
Mrs Ajibola Gbigbi – Jackson

Mrs Ajibola Gbigbi – Jackson

Managing Director/CEO
John Gbigbi –Jackson

John Gbigbi –Jackson

Consultant,On information Technology
Mark Gbigbi – Jackson

Mark Gbigbi – Jackson

Consultant On Maintenance Operations